Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Huge Ass in Los Angeles

Huge Ass in Los Angeles

Huge Ass Transformers Banner in Los Angeles

Ok, so I was on my way to the World Premiere for Shrek the Third this morning, by the way I got some pretty good shots that I will be posting shortly, but lo and behold as I was driving at Sunset and Vine I saw this huge banner covering an entire building!

The banner is awesome and it gets even cooler on the other side, it's the new Transformers poster with Megatron, the one released this week where it looks like he is busting through a wall of concrete. It's as big as the fucking building!

Wish I could have gotten a pic of the other side with Megatron but I couldn't get the right angle, I was rushing to get to the premiere!

But if you are near Sunset and Vine any time soon, you can't miss it, check it out!

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