Monday, May 7, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Loves Trashy Britney Spears

Lindsay Lohan Loves Trashy Britney Spears

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Lindsay Lohan Shows Trashy Britney Spears Some Love
Beauty Lindsay Lohan checked out the Britney Spears comeback show Thursday night at the House of Blues reports US Magazine. Britney Spears returned to the stage Thursday night, May 3, for her third sold-out show in a row, at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

"Britney seemed like she was lip-synching, but at least she was actually singing along," a delighted and devoted fan tells Star. "At her previous gigs, she sometimes forgot to sing, or that is lip-synch. Maybe she was nervous, but tonight she rocked!"

"She was having fun and interacting with the audience. The crowd was going nuts screaming for her to come back on stage. She should have taken her wig off. People don't care if she's bald or not, they love her no matter what," fan Summer Anderson tells Star.

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