Saturday, May 5, 2007

Paris Hilton breaks down

Paris Hilton breaks down

PARIS Hilton wailed after a judge sentenced her to 45 days in jail for driving with a suspended licence, and claimed it had all been a misunderstanding.
The hotel heiress, 26, was stunned and shaken when Judge Michael Sauer yesterday told her to report to jail by June 5.

"I don't know what happened . . . I did what they said," she said in a quivering voice.

Then The Simple Life star broke down, sobbing loudly as her socialite mum Kathy hugged and comforted her in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Court.

Hilton showed up 20 minutes late for the 1.30pm hearing, powdering her nose on the way in. On the way out, she donned dark sunglasses to hide her tear-streaked eyes and runny makeup.

During the hearing, Hilton blamed misinformation from her "advisers" for her two forays behind the wheel while her licence was suspended for an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction late last year.

When a prosecutor asked if she had read the licence suspension notice mailed to her from the Department of Motor Vehicles, she replied: "I have people do that for me."

Hilton said she didn't read her plea agreement either.

"I just sign what people tell me to sign," she said.

She looked genuinely confused when the prosecutor told her she had "waived her rights" when in January she pleaded no contest to the booze-related driving charge.

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