Saturday, May 5, 2007

Paris Hilton Simple Jail Life

Paris Hilton Simple Jail Life

# 'Tearful' Paris gets jail time
# Paris Hilton faces jail time
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# Paris ordered to court

Los Angeles - Hopefully, Paris Hilton likes chicken.

The hotel heiress was sentenced to 45 days at the Century Regional Detention Centre, the Los Angeles County's jailhouse for women, on Friday.

Inmates there get three low-sodium meals a day, with dinner the only hot meal.

Beef and pork are not permitted, "it's all poultry-based", said Captain Alice Scott, who oversees the 2 200-inmate facility she describes as "a very nice place".

Like other high-profile Los Angeles County inmates - OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, Robert Mitchum, Sirhan Sirhan and Charles Manson - Hilton will be segregated from the general population for her own safety, living in a one- or two-person cell.

Inmates were allowed outside their cells for an hour each day to shower, watch television in the day room, participate in outdoor recreation or talk on the telephone, Scott said.

There are a bank of phones that use prepaid phone cards - cellular telephones and Blackberries are not allowed.

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